Understanding Private Climate Finance: A Critical Reader


Understanding Private Climate Finance: A Critical Reader sets out to understand what climate change means for the financial sector, and what financial sector involvement means for the funding of climate change projects. It starts by examining the broad backdrop of financial liberalization. A section on private sector actors introduces the banks, hedge funds, private equity, pension and mutual funds whose decisions could make or break progress on climate change. Next, the spotlight is turned on to how International Financial Institutions like the World Bank are seeking to “leverage” private sector finance, and its implications for their investment strategies. Finally, a section on carbon markets and other financial instruments looks at the main tools that attempt to attract private investment – whatever the social or environmental costs. The volume concludes with an extensive, annotated bibliography.

Download the full reader as a pdf or as an eBook (zip file, ePub format) at the link above, or view the individual chapters online:

1. Introduction Oscar Reyes

Section 1. Financial Trends

2. Fixing Global Finance: A Developing Country Perspective on Global Financial Reforms Kavaljit Singh

3. The Financial Enclosure of the Commons Antonio Tricarico

Section 2. Private Sector Actors

4. What banks must do to combat climate change Banktrack

5. What is a Pension Fund? SOMO

6. What is a Mutual Fund? SOMO

7. What is a Hedge Fund? SOMO

8. Private Equity Funds Kavaljit Singh

Section 3. International Financial Institutions

9. ‘Leveraging’ private sector finance: How does it work and what are the risks? Bretton Woods Project

10. The complex network of financial intermediaries Eurodad

11. Public Private Partnerships and the Global Auction of Public Assets Dexter Whitfield

Section 4. Carbon Markets and Other Financial Instruments

12. Designed to fail? The concepts, practices and controversies behind carbon trading FERN

13. Trading carbon Oscar Reyes

14. Five hidden challenges to ecosystem services markets Morgan Robertson

Section 5. Resources

15. Further Reading