The Moment for Climate Justice

by Janet Redman, Emira Woods and John Cavanagh on .

As global civil society calls for a renewable energy revolution, the U.S. Congress is considering an African energy initiative that leaves the door wide open to fossil fuels. This week, the House will vote on the Electrify Africa Act. This bill directs the president to draw up a multi-year strategy to strengthen the ability of […]

A Roadmap for Survival

by Oscar Reyes on .

The latest UN report on addressing climate change reflects a strong Western bias, but it’s the most comprehensive tool we’ve got. Greenhouse gas emissions are rising, and our addiction to fossil fuels is to blame. That, in a nutshell, is the conclusion of an authoritative new UN report published on April 13th. Emissions have not […]

World Bank Energy Lending Still Veering in Wrong Direction

by Krysta Villeda on .

If the World Bank were serious about bringing energy access to the poor, it would dedicate the majority of its lending to do so. More than one billion people around the world still lack access to modern electricity. At this week’s spring meetings, discussions between environment and development civil society groups and the World Bank […]

The World Bank’s Waste of Energy

by Janet Redman on .

Expanding energy access makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is using a failed scheme — like carbon trading — to pay for it. The World Bank’s job is to fight poverty. Key to lifting people out of poverty is access to reliable modern energy. It makes sense. Kids do better in school when they can […]