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Rich Countries Pony Up (Some) for Climate Justice

Almost $9.5 billion has been pledged to the Green Climate Fund to help fight climate change. But it’s going to take hundreds of billions more. It’s one of the oldest tricks in politics: talk down expectations to the point that you can meet them. And it played out again in Berlin as twenty-one countries—including the […]

Loss and Damage

“Loss and damage” refers to the negative impacts and permanent losses caused by climate change in developing countries, and a discussion of measures to compensate for these impacts in the context of international climate negotiations. The phrase “loss and damage” was coined as part of the UNFCCC Adaptation Framework agreed in Cancún in 2010. It […]

Results-based financing

“Results-based financing” (RBF, also referred to as “performance-based payment”) is a funding approach where payments are only made after specified outcomes can be proven to have taken place. The delivery of finance is made conditional upon the recipient country or company agreeing to outside verification that some agreed objectives have taken place. This, in turn, […]

What banks must do to combat climate change

Banktrack Through their lending, investment, and other financial services, commercial banks1 play an indispensable role in mobilizing and allocating financial resources for the private sector. As such, they are in a unique position to either help further entrench patterns of energy production and intensive energy use that are based on the burning of fossil fuels, […]