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Climate justice

‘Climate justice’ perspectives address climate change through the framework of social rights, human rights and equality – rather than treating it as simply a scientific, technical or ‘environmental’ issue. Within international climate negotiations, climate justice groups place a central emphasis on climate debt, pointing out that the vast majority of historical and current greenhouse gas […]

Climate finance

Climate finance is a heavily contested term. From a climate justice perspective, it refers to the transfer of public resources from North to South to cover the costs of dealing with the long-term impacts of climate change. This money, a key component of climate debt, should also be provided to help Southern countries to pursue […]

Climate debt

The idea that developed countries should pay reparations to developing countries, as well as accepting non-financial obligations for their disproportionate responsibility in causing the climate crisis. Climate debt takes two main forms: ‘adaptation debt’ and ‘emissions debt’.  ‘Adaptation debt’ refers to the fact that developing countries will suffer three-quarters of the damage caused by climate […]

Cap and trade

Under cap and trade schemes, governments or intergovernmental bodies set an overall legal limit on emissions in a certain time period (‘a cap’) and then grant industries a certain number of licenses to pollute (carbon permits or ‘emissions allowances’). Companies that do not meet their cap can buy permits from others that have a surplus […]