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A useful item that is traded or sold for profit. Usefulness (or ‘use value’) alone does not make something a commodity. For example, an apple picked from a tree is not a commodity, whereas an apple grown for sale is. The process of transforming a useful thing into something that is traded for profit is […]

Commercial bank

A lender of money whose traditional role was to take savings deposits, on the basis of which it is able to make loans to individuals and companies. These lenders have increasingly taken on many investment banking functions and become more active players on capital markets.

The Financial Enclosure of the Commons

We live in an age of finance capitalism, when trading money, risk and associated products is more profitable than trading goods and services. That, in short, is what people often refer to as the ‘financialisation’ of the economy. This has huge implications for where capital is invested and the everyday exposure of people to capital […]

Financialization of Nature: A Roundtable Discussion

Financialization of Nature: A Roundtable Discussion pt.1 from IPS on Vimeo. During the World Bank/IMF spring meetings IPS hosts an examination of how nature is being “financialized” and the growing international reaction from civil society. The financial crisis has left major investors with trillions of dollars on hand and in a desperate search for new […]