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Keep fossil fuels, dirty energy out of the Green Climate Fund

A coalition of nearly 300 civil society organizations are raising alarms that the GCF could be used to finance projects that are just a little less dirty than ‘business as usual,’ including fossil fuels, dams, nuclear energy, and biomass, among others. These citizens groups mainly represent communities on the frontline of climate change in developing […]

Green Climate Fund: Progress on Adaptation, but key decisions delayed

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) should aim for an equal balance of adaptation and mitigation, according to decisions taken at its sixth Board meeting in Bali from 19-21 February. It will also seek to provide at least 50 per cent of this adaptation financing to “particularly vulnerable countries,” a group that includes Least Developed Countries […]

A Devil’s Bargain on the Climate

Will the Green Climate Fund—the UN body tasked with funding the transition to a clean-energy, climate-resilient future in the developing world—invest in fossil fuels? Two years ago, environmentalist Bill McKibben caused a stir when he revealed the “terrifying new math” of climate change. McKibben calculated that to have a reasonable chance of staying below what […]

What should the Green Climate Fund’s Private Sector Facility look like?

Download PDF (693 Kb)   What remit does the Private Sector Facility have? The GCF Governing Instrument mandates the creation of a Private Sector Facility to: enable direct and indirect financing of mitigation and adaptation in developing countries; be consistent with a country-driven approach;i finance small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and other local actors; and […]