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Moving beyond “leveraging” private climate finance

Public financing to address climate change is increasingly focussed on encouraging private sector investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and low-carbon infrastructure projects and programmes in developing countries. But current evidence shows that the use of public funds to “leverage” private development and climate finance shows that it generally tends to reinforce the existing distribution of financial flows.

Civil Society to Green Climate Fund: Don’t Shut Us Out!

The active and engaged participation of civil society at the Board and country level is essential for creating an effective, equitable and environmentally sound Fund that can be responsive to the differentiated needs of men and women, minorities and indigenous peoples increasingly impacted by climate change.

Interview with Janet Redman, IPS, on the Green Climate Fund

The Berlin meeting of the Green Climate Fund Board will discuss the structure of a fund that could provide money to poor countries to help them adapt to a warmer world, build clean energy infrastructure, and avoid further climate crisis. Janet Redman, co-director of the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network at IPS, is a civil society observer at the meeting and an expert on the Green Climate Fund. Lacy MacAuley, IPS media manager, interviewed Redman before she departed for Berlin.